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Copyright 1993 Francis Borceux

You may freely use, modify, and/or distribute each of the files in this package without limitation. The package consists of the following files: README compatibility/OldDiagram compatibility/OldMaxiDiagram compatibility/OldMicroDiagram compatibility/OldMiniDiagram compatibility/OldMultipleArrows diagram/Diagram diagram/MaxiDiagram diagram/MicroDiagram diagram/MiniDiagram diagram/MultipleArrows user-guides/Diagram_Mode_d_Emploi user-guides/Diagram_Read_Me

Of course no support is guaranteed, but the author will attempt to assist with problems. Current email address: francis dot borceux at uclouvain dot be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does Borceux license license support modification?

ans: Yes

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